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BusBusBus believes that the success of our business depends on our team. We see the value in people and put them first. Working with us, you’ll feel like you’re playing an important role, that your opinions are heard and respected, and that you are part of a family! When we choose the members of our team, our priority, beyond skills, is compatibility with our fundamental values: passion for the work, respect, and integrity.

icone People first

People first

icone Flexible schedules

Flexible schedules

icone Work-family balance

Work-family balance

Our values

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Passion for the profession

Our passion for transporting people by bus has led us to have this single focus for years. Passion for the driving and maintenance of buses, the logistics of transportation, the management of a transportation business. Our passion motivates us to surpass ourselves daily and take on new challenges. This passion produces the efficiency and quality for which our services are known. In short, passion is what enables us to continue to be a leader in our industry.


Respect is essential for the health of our business. Feeling respected enables each member of the team to cultivate a feeling of belonging and pride. Every day, respect is expressed through simple but concrete acts, beginning with the attitude of the managers. We demand that everyone be treated with diplomacy and consideration.

We are determined to maintain a healthy and pleasant work atmosphere and work hard to do so. In the field of transporting people, respect also means following the highway safety code, the SAAQ’s standards, and our licences from the Commission du transport. No favours or preferential treatment is tolerated, the safety of our passengers is our top priority!

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We believe that acting with integrity is essential for developing and maintaining mutual trust. That’s why we value honesty and the understanding of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and why we promote transparency and equity at every hierarchical level of our company.

Do our values speak to you? Do you identify with them? We’d like to meet you!

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