May 2, 2017 | Safety

Warm weather portends the approaching end of classes, and an increase in extra-curricular outings involving an increased presence of school buses on our roads. It is important to respect the basic safety rules to follow in the presence of a school bus.

  • When a school bus flashes its four yellow lights, it is usually about to stop to pick up or drop off school children. Slow down and prepare to stop.
  • If you encounter or are following a school bus with its red lights flashing and its stop sign out, come to a complete stop five metres or more from the school bus. ** If the vehicle lanes are separated by a median and you meet a school bus, you do not have to stop your vehicle because the median serves as protection.
  • Any driver passing a school bus with its flashing lights on risks having 9 demerit points entered on their driving record, and incurring a fine.

Drive carefully and think of our children!

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